Golden Harbor


Tissue paper painting of a harbor full of boats with golden hues; influenced by the beautiful San Diego harbor. 14 ½ x 19

Basket of Mangoes


Painting is an impressionistic style, Rittenhouse features a study of a basket of mangoes that she collected from a tree behind her house. 14 ½" x 19"

california sunset painting

California Sunset


Tissue paper painting of a sunset in Southern California near San Diego. Tissue paper painting is permanently mounted on press board. 14 ½" x 19"

Hawaiian Sunset Image

Hawaiian Sunset


Tissue paper painting of a beautiful and rich Hawaiian sunset with the contours of the island featured in the background of the image. 14 ½" x 19"

Ford Island View Painting

View from Ford Island


Tissue paper painting of the view of the harbor waters from the old Ford Island golf course near Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in the early morning hours. 14 ½" x 19